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Black Desert Online – Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

21 July 2018, Saturday, 13:08:59

Beginner’s Tips & Tricks

-Quests important to the story will be marked with an exclamation point. However, there are many other quests, and some of them won’t give you experience. Therefore, you should take on non-story quests based on their rewards.



-Many quests will reward you with contribution points. These are part of an important system dealing with trade and production. Use your contribution points to invest in property for workshops and hire workers to craft resources. You can also use them to buy storage space.



-Your tasks menu includes a list of rewards you can earn for various tasks. One of these is a daily login reward, so be sure to collect it every day.



-Gear and equipment is not restricted based on your level. You should also enhance your gear as soon as you can.



-Your knowledge will increase as you fight monsters, talk to characters, find items, etc. Knowledge gives you more energy. The world is also filled with lore, if you enjoy learning more about the game world itself.



-Your breath increases as you travel, based on the distance you cross.



-Your strength increases from carrying more weight in a trade pack.



-Finally, your health increases when you eat food.



-There are certain tasks you can perform while idle. For example, workers will continue to work for as long as you’re logged in, and your character will automatically fish on their own if left at a fishing spot.



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