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Black Desert Online – How to Use the Balloon Transport


How to Use the Balloon Transport

To use the balloon transport, you first need to have black stones in your inventory, either armor or weapon, as they are used to pay for the ticket. You then need to talk to the sky balloon manager and buy a ticket from him for a single black stone. Next, you go to the balloon transport assistant to select which city you are going to.


At Valencia, you can only go to Altinova; at Altinova, you can go to Valencia and Calpheon; at Calpheon, you can only go to Altinova. Hopefully, more locations will be added to this system later, such as Margoria and some of the Islands.


Once you have selected your destination, you need to wait for a bit before the balloon arrives. Then you need to sit down, and the balloon will fly off with you to the selected destination. Once there, you will automatically be disembarked from the balloon once it’s landed.


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