Black Desert Online Red Battleground



You can join the Red Battleground at any time by opening the main menu (ESC) then selecting “Red Battlefield”. A window should pop-up explaining the rules and rewards of the battleground. Click the “enter” button to join.

There are two types of Battefields you can join:

-Free: The only requirements for joining are that you are level 50 or higher.
-Limited: Players must be below 150 AP, 200 DP and 300 AP+DP. These channels are show in red. In the Limited Red Battlefield, you cannot adjust your equipment. Make sure you equip your items before entering.


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Once you’ve joined the battleground you will be teleported to a castle arena in Mediah. Here you will be assigned a red or black faction and will be able to kill any other player on the opposing faction without any PvP penalties.

Each battle requires a minimum of 5 players on each team to start and can have a maximum of 30 players on each team. The battle will last 20 minutes. During this time you must kill the other faction to gain points for your team, with the winning team having the most points at the end of the battle.

Each person will start with 10 points by default.

Killing a player with higher points will give you a higher point reward, while killing a player with low points will give you a lower point reward.

-Killing a player with 0-10 points rewards you with 5 points
-Killing a player with 11-19 points rewards you with 7 points
-Killing a player with 20-29 points rewards you with 14 points
-Killing a player with 30-39 points rewards you with 21 points
-Killing a player with 40-49 points rewards you with 28 points


Each player will be given an extra 1,000 HP. AP and DP points will be increased if you do not meet the minimum requirements .

Whilst in the Red Battlefield, you can talk to Daz and buy extra large HP (+275), MP (+375) and Herbal Juice (+250). These potions can only be used in the Red Battlefield but weigh 0.01LT and cost 1 silver each. You can also take a daily quest from the NPC which asks you to obtain 4 Red Seals. The reward for this daily is 200 energy regen and 5 Red Seals, so it is definitely worth doing once a day.

To leave the Red Battleground, open your main menu (ESC) at any time. Logging out, leaving the battleground, or when the battleground is finished, you will return to your original place in the world.



-Red Battlefield is a 20 minute battle between two parties. You can only join the battle within 10 minutes from the start.
-The battle mode is “Team Death Match” and the team with the highest accumulated points wins.
-You cannot join the battleground if you are in a party.
-If your AP and DP is below the set level, they will temporarily be increased to the minimum requirement.
-If you kill an enemy, the points you earn depends on the points of your enemy.
-If you kill an enemy, you will earn 1/2 of the enemies score
-If you die, you will lose 1/4 of your score
You will always have and earn a minimum of 1 point



-Once the battle is complete, 5 Red Seals will be given to the winning team members, and 1 Red Seal to the losing team.
-Skill experience will also be given to everyone on both teams.
-Red Seals can be exchanged for other prizes.
-80 Seals: Red Essence (used to create awakened socket crystals)
-If there is no space in your inventory you will not obtain a Red Seal.


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