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Black Survival PC Keyboard Controls

7 January 2018, Sunday, 19:40:29


PC Controls & Key Bindings

Esc – Cancels channeling actions and exits the game if desired

Tab – Toggle, open list of survivors.

R – Search area / Pick up item / Use item / Unequip item (after clicking it)

F – Craft item

V – Drop item

C – Open/close character panel

R,F,V are options 1,2,3 when going from top to bottom

Tip: R to search, R to pick up what you’ve found.

Tip: Click item and press R to quickly use/equip item.

Tip: Similarly, click item and press V to quickly drop item.

M – Open/close dropped items list

1,2,3,4 to choose

Tip: M+1 then R to pick up most recently dropped item

E – Open/close map

Must click to choose.

S – Rest

R,F,V to choose

Tip: S+R to quick rest and regain stam. Useful for before you choose a new location or new target.

W – Activate aptitude. (example: breadseeking)

A – Field skill for some characters

D – Stance

1,2,3 to choose

Tip: D+1 = aggressive

During combat

Q – Special attack

A – Normal attack

S – Run away

During crafting screen

Space – Craft item

Tip: To quick craft an item when you have mats. Click item+F+1+Space then R to equip. Be careful with this one, if there are multiple choices, you may need to use another number to select the item on the list.


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