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Blackwake Tips & Tricks

19 March 2018, Monday, 2:08:16

Tips & Tricks

-Bleeding causes a heartbeat sound, if you don’t hear the heartbeat you aren’t bleeding.


-If you’re at 2 holes and know you’re about to take more- GET ON THE PUMP, pump reduces incoming water considerably and is much more important than repairing holes while more are incoming.

-Mortar shots will give audio cues if they’re about to land on you, if you hear that whistling you need to change trajectory or take cover immediately. Mortars do not affect grappled ships or their crews, so don’t be too worried about grappling near a bomb ketch.

-While playing as captain, under-turn so you are just barely lined up with the enemy ship, then go in a completely straight line to allow your crew to aim the cannons themselves, this may seem counter-intuitive but it’s the best way to land shots consistently.

-A single health sip stops bleeding, if your ship is in a situation you should only take one sip to stop your bleeding then immediately get back to whatever needs to be done, healing the rest only during downtime.

-Zero downtime is the name of the game, there is almost always something to do, if you’re consistently at the bottom of score for your ship you’re objectively doing something wrong and should pay more attention.

-A lot of people will ignore unloaded cannons, that’s 1 less hole your enemy will receive from a broadside, that can make a huge difference, load your cannons!

-After your ship sinks (or you’re about to die and can’t stop it) you can hit Esc>Change team then spawn in on your boat again to save a ticket instead of dying, this can only be done once every 5 minutes.

-If someone simultaneously starts repairing the same hole/sail that you are, be the smart one and move on to a different hole/sail, even elites make this dumb mistake.



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