Blasphemous – How to Get Blasphemous Ending A


How to Get the True Ending

Blasphemous ending A is the game’s good ending, but it is also far more involved to complete. This ending requires completing a number of steps to unlock. Read about each Ending A step below.



Remember those Praying Statues that Absolve your guilt when you interact with them?


Remember accidentally destroying one and revealing a circle that you couldn’t interact with.


Well, in order to gain access to these circles you need an item called “The Immaculate Bead,” which can be obtained near a praying statue in the Brotherhood of Silent Sorrows.


This bead, when equipped, will grow darker in corruption the more you die (Up to a maximum of 3 times). When it is completely black, you can then interact with these circles.


These circles will take you to a dream world where you must clear a number of enemies in order to get out, do that and the circle will be purified.


You must destroy and purify EVERY SINGLE statue you come across and then kill the Final Boss and the True ending will be unlocked.


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