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BLOCKPOST – Useful Tips & Tricks

22 May 2019, Wednesday, 12:45:35

Useful Tips & Tricks

  • -Always try to aim for your enemy’s head and never keep your crosshair on the ground.


  • -Crouching can improve your weapon’s accuracy but when you are crouching your enemies easily aim at you.


  • -Always use your weapon’s sight to aim for long range.


  • -Don’t use your weapon’s sight in CQB.


  • -Always use shoulder peeking (Repeatedly press A and D buttons) to gather information and you can kill your enemies easily in corners.


  • -Crouching is hide your footsteps’ sound.


  • -Don’t be silly! Don’t rush every time.


  • -Don’t peek every time when you hear your enemy just wait for him for an easy kill.


  • -Try to flank your enemy.


  • -Build stairs to reach high grounds. You can kill your enemies easily from high grounds.


  • -Build barricades to protect yourself from the enemy.


  • -Destroy blocks to create a crenel.



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