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Blood and Lust Cheats

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Full Game Walkthrough

There are four randomly generated battles throughout the game. Make sure to save before picking an opponment since you must win every single fight. Retiarius seems to be the easiest one.


-Win the first battle.

-Pick it up


-Win the second battle.


✘︎ SAVE 1


-Win the third battle.

Get the guy

Get the guy!

✘︎ SAVE 2

-Asenius’ shop

-Give her money

-Give him something.

-Give him a ring.

Best End

Victory tastes better in company

True End

Solve the crime in time


-Asenius’ shop

-Give her money


Early Truth

Know the truth before the trial



-Show Sabinus the piece of parchment


-Win the last battle.

Win 4 Combats

Win four combats in the arena


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