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Borderlands 3 – How to Get Unique Boss Legendary Weapons

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How to Get Unique Boss Legendary Weapons

Defeat the indicated boss for a chance at it randomly dropping the listed Legendary weapon(s). Note: Bosses respawn when you return to their locations after completing their chapter.



Mouthpiece – Ascension Bluff, Pandora

Mind Killer Shotgun: Shoots dubstep beams.



Gigamand – Meridia Metroplex, Promethea

Smart G.U.N. XXL: SMG that can spawn a brain turret.



Captain Truant – Athenas

Conference Call: Powerful shotgun with pellets that split into more pellets on impact.

Polybus: Shotgun that fires pellets in a unique grid pattern.



Katagawa Ball – Skydeck-27, Promethea

Tsunami: Legendary SMG.



Katagawa Jr. – Atlas HQ, Promethea

Firestorm: Legendary sniper rifle.



The Rampager – Forgotten Basilica, Promethea

Quadomizer: Four-projectile rocket launcher.



The Warden – The Anvil, Eden-6

Annexed Jericho: Rocket launcher that fires grenade-like projectiles that release more smaller explosions.

Freeman: Remote control rocket launcher that follows your cursor.



Billy, The Anointed – Jakobs Estate, Eden-6

Lead Sprinkler: Assault rifle that fires arching bullets that split into multiple projectiles on impact.



GenIVIV – The Family Jewels, Eden-6

Messy Breakup: Unique shield that spawns a shield drone that follows you around.



Aurelia – Jakobs Estate, Eden-6

Frozen Heart: Shield that generates a cryogenic Nova blast that returns 30% damage to your HP.



The Graveward – Vault, Eden-6

Grave: Legendary shield.

Ward: Legendary shield.



Troy Calypso – The Great Vault, Pandora

Double Penetrating Occultist: Rocket launcher pistol.

Pestilent Faisor: Rifle with an energy shotgun alt-fire.



Tyreen Calypso – Destroyer’s Rift, Pandora

Queen’s Call: Critical hit spawns tracking projectiles.

King’s Call: Critical hit spawns tracking projectiles.



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