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Boundless Emote / Chat Commands

20 September 2018, Thursday, 12:25:08

Emote / Chat Commands

Open your chat. Put / in front of the emote you want to use.

Note: You have to put / front of all emotes.




clap – Claps hands.


slowclap – Claps slowly.


facepalm – Puts you hand over your face.


insult – You ♥♥♥♥e your butt towards where you are looking.


intimidate – Does a fake pounce towards where you are looking.


laugh – Laughs.


point (up, down, left, right just point is straight) – Points in direction of choice.


salute – Taps your chest twice then puts hand up.


shrug – Shrugs.


sit – Sits on the ground.


yes – Shakes head down and up and gives thumb up.


no – Shakes head right and left then cross waves.


mexicanwave – Waves both hands in the air.


wave – Waves your hand.



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