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Brawlout How to Use Rage?

30 April 2017, Sunday, 16:05:38


How to Use Rage

Rage is used to power up special attacks, to use the game’s combo breaker (burst) and to power up your character for a short time.


Certain special attacks behave differently when used without meter. Feather’s side special has reduced knockback and damage when used with an empty meter. Apu’s chain whips do less damage and knockback. Olaf’s side special can’t be charged without meter. Since special attacks drain meter, you’ll want to use them wisely. Certain characters, like Volt, are best when they are constantly burning meter. A character like Feathers, on the other hand, needs to use special attacks carefully, since he will need to use the combo breaker often due to his light weight.


At half rage meter, you will see a small icon appear on the halfway point of your rage meter. This means that you have burst available. By pressing both your dodge buttons (or if on keyboard, your burst button), you’ll activate a move that spends your meter, resets your state to neutral, knocks back your opponent and takes you out of hitstun or your current action. By doing this, you can completely cancel out your current trajctory. This move can save you from attacks that would have been fatal to you. You can also use it to get an extra recovery, since using burst will get you out of a helpless fall state.


If your meter is full when you activate the burst, your character will glow red and enter Rage Mode. While in Rage Mode, the knockback that you deal is increased, and the knockback you take is decreased significantly. While in Rage Mode, your meter will slowly decrease, and you will return to normal once the meter is empty. Rage mode can give you one last shot to do damage at unsurvivable percentages. Be warned, though, the decreased knockback you take can make you very comboable, so you’ll need to make sure you don’t get caught while in this state.



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