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Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD – How to Get The Hidden Cars

21 February 2018, Wednesday, 2:08:11


How to Get The Hidden Cars

Getting secret cars is simple, you have to already own a car that corresponds with the secret one, and win any race with it 3 times. You can figure out if a car has a secret version because the secret car is usually to the right of the normal car.

For example, there are 2 secret cars for the Giant. To get the first one, you just need to win races with the Giant 3 times and you will win the Lightning GTR. Then after you get the 1st secret car, you do the same thing with your new car and you will get the Myoko Giant. Not all normal cars have more than one secret car. Most actually don’t.

There are 2 odd ones out in terms of the correspondance but the steps are the same as above. The Taurus secret car is the Fox from BR4, but the only different thing is that it’s not right next to the Taurus in the garage. The other one is the Horse secret car, the DX Turbo from BR3. Again, the only difference is the placement in the garage. Both of these secret cars are still connected with these normal cars.



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