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Burnout™ Paradise Remastered PS4 Cheats

24 March 2018, Saturday, 21:03:46

PS4 Cheats

Unlockable Licenses

A License – Win 26 races
B License – Win 16 races
Burnout Paradise License – Win 45 races
C License – Win 7 races
D License – Win 2 races
Elite License – Win 110 races



Unlockable Island Cars

Dust Storm Superturbo – Complete Dust Storm Burning Route
Jansen P12 Diamond – Complete all 500 online challenges.
Olympus Governor – 50% Complete Your Island License
Street Rod – 100% Complete Your Island License
Toy 88 Special – Break all 45 Billboards
Toy Bootlegger – Land all 15 Mega Jumps
Toy Nighthawk – Rule all 12 Island Roads (Get Timed and Showtime)
Toy Spirit – Smash all 75 Island Smashes



Unlockable Bikes

Nakumura Firehawk GP Competition – Complete all Burning and Midnight Rides
Nakumura FV1100-TI – Complete 19 Burning or Midnight Rides



Unlockable Cars And Paint Jobs

Carbon Hydros Custom – Beat all Showtime Road Rules
Carbon Ikusa GT – Beat all Time Road Rules
Carson Carbon GT Concept – Find All 400 Smashes
Carson Fastback – Get a B Class License
Carson GT Concept – Get a Burnout Driving License
Gold Paint Finish – Win all Elite License Events
Hunter Mesquite – Get a D Class License
Jansen Carbon X12 – Land All 50 Superjumps
Krieger Carbon Uberschall 8 – Complete 2 Sets of Online Challenges
Montgomery Carbon Hawker – Hit All 120 Billboards
Nakamura SI-7 – Get a C Class License
Platinum Paint Finish – 101% Completion (All Events Completed; All Roads Ruled; All Discoveries, Car Parks and Drive-Thrus Found; Two sets of Online Challenges Completed)
Rossolini Tempesta – Get an A Class License



Carbon Cars

Complete the following to unlock the Carbon Cars
GT Concept – Drive Through all 400 Smash Gates
Hawker – Smash all 120 Billboards
Hydros Custom – Beat all Offline Showtimes on the 64 Roads
Iskusa GT – Beat all Offline Times on the 64 Roads
Uberschall – Beat 2 sets of the Online Challenges
X12 – Land all 50 Jumps



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