Bus Simulator 18 Review

Bus Simulator 18 Review

Story: Well for this game you are a bus driver of your company and making and doing routes over the city which is initially called Seaside Valley.


Game Play: You have the option to have bankruptcy (on/off) set the drive mode (simplified/Realistic). Currently, there is only one City called Seaside Valley but it would appear there may be more coming. You can create your person, it allows you to change your gender (male/female). Set your outfit (uniform 1/uniform 2). It allows you to set Primary/Secondary/Tertiary and hair color along with skin tone. No control over the face or body size.


When doing routes you have several options you can change from Environment Setting which controls the weather and daytime (Random/Day/Night/Dawn/Rainy/Sunny Rainy). The next option you can change is Drive Start Setting, which either has you start at the first bus stop or from the Companies bus garage. Next after that is the Route Settings (Reverse Route/Loop/Round Trip). After that one, you have the in-bus settings Enable Too Early Event, which means if you arrive at the bus stop too early you will be penalized. The other one is Enable Cashier which allows you to activate the ticket machine. Which is very nice and simple. But like with fellow gamer/streamer StevenKiberton did point out it could be all set on one screen saving to have to move to a different screen. That option would be nice too. But the way it is, it is simple plus when giving change it even counts down how much you have to give back which is neat. The last option is Simulation Setting which is the Driving setting. Simplified actives several helper features like (automatic gears/speed limiter), Realistic all helpers are turned off and you have shift manually. Personally, realism is not difficult to learn.


When driving there is many things the game will praise you for like (arriving on time/good parking/using your indicators properly) but there is also things it will penalize you for (late arrival/going over a speed bump too fast/hitting a pothole/hitting the curbside). Now there are also other things that can happen like (hiring another vehicle/hitting a pedestrian), these will get you a monitory fine.


Customizing your buses well each time to level you get more access to (Bus Colors/Skins/Interior/Decals). With this, you can design your bus to what you like. Now talking about buses you can buy new buses too. This will allow you to expand your fleet this is done from the garage like with the customizing.


Now you can hire drivers for your buses and routes you make. This is done from the Employees section. Here it gives you a list of Employees you have and a list of Applications which gives you information to read e.g. (Name/Experience/Rank/Salary) It also gives the option to (Dismiss/Hire). So chose wisely.


In the game, there is also a Statistics section that gives you a summary of your companies income and expenses. Along with total (Company Value/Routes/Total of buses/type of bus/drivers/ads) just to name a few there a nice amount of information.


Multiplayer is fairly straightforward to use. Play with friends driving on the routes and seeing them to even being on their bus and checking tickets which is pretty neat.


Controls: Wheelworks good with this game’s game-pad and even the keyboard and mouse work with the game. Even in the options, there is plenty to work with and the option of track IR is good for driving games.


Graphics: The buses look really nice. The city and outside the city look nice too. The road is doable. The NPC’S and the driver look good but work to improve them I think on that. There is plenty of options in the graphics section.


Sound/Music: Music in the game has always been nice it fits the game. You can control a lot of the sounds in the game from the obvious master volume through bus, NPC vehicle, dialog, and UI volume.


Replay Value: Well if you like driving buses then I say this game is worth it. You even have mods that are accessible from the steam workshop which will bring in some interesting work from mod makers.


Overall: So for this installment of Bus Simulator. I have to say there has been an improvement. Story-wise straight forward for a sim. Gameplay a lot there detailed options for route customization is there. Driving is no issue. Managing funds side simple enough to follow. Controls simple and easy multiple devices can be used to drive with which is nice along with the use of Track IR which is good. Sound music is perfectly fine. Bugs and glitches wise simple things that can be ironed out. Replay value is there for sure even with the multiplayer feature. So my score on this installment of Bus Simulator 18 is 9 paws out of 10.


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