Bus Simulator 18 – What should I consider when approaching a bus stop?

What should I consider when approaching a bus stop?

Approaching a bus stop you should take the following in consideration:


  • -Use the turn signal on time to inform passengers and other drivers on the street that you are going to be stopping at the next bus stop.


  • -Always drive carefully and enter the bus stop slowly to avoid harsh braking and to reach a perfect stopping position.


  • -Open the doors of your bus via the buttons in the cockpit or with the keys 1, 2 and 3 on your keyboard.


  • -Kneeling of the bus happens automatically.


  • -Some passengers will need tickets. Change to the ticketing machine view with CTRL on your keyboard to print out the needed tickets. Remember to give out the correct amount of change.


  • -When all passengers are seated, close the doors, wait for the bus to regain driving position from kneeling, use the left turn signal and drive. Don’t forget to check your mirrors before you leave the bus stop.


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