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Call of Cthulhu – “Sanity” Effects

“Sanity” Effects

Chapter 1: default (nightmares)


Chapter 2: hallucination when you try to get to warehouse no. 36.


Chapter 4: ritual in caves (story related)


Chapter 5: комната с рычагом, обнаружить мертвые тела + Sanders’ death (story related)


Chapter 6: read unholy book + meet the Shambler (story related)


Chapter 7: read Necronomicon (story related)


Chapter 9: puzzle with two lamps + use R’lyeh respond + Charles Hawkins + examine ritual circle again.


Chapter 10: vanish of the Shambler (story retaled)


Chapter 12: killing Bradley (story related)


Chapter 13: Leviathan (story related) + take medicine, eat flesh, take gun and shoot.


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