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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Blackout – Getting Around

14 October 2018, Sunday, 9:46:02

Getting Around

Base Jumping

The Wingsuit stays with you after Infiltration. At certain heights, such as bridges and cliff faces, the Wingsuit can be reused for base jumping. Sprint toward the edge, then press and hold the Jump button to re-deploy your Wingsuit. When base jumping, you are unlikely to take fall damage under normal circumstances, and you cannot re-deploy the parachute.






Need to get around faster than running? Be on the lookout for four vehicle types scattered around Blackout:



  • ATV – Holds up to two people, and offers off-roading capability with medium speed.



  • Cargo Truck – Seats one in the cab with room for others in the truck bed. Speed and off-roading capabilities are limited. Allows you to drop Weapons and items in the bed to share with teammates or save for later use.



  • Tactical Raft – Fits two comfortably, but can transport a few more if you don’t mind getting cozy. A great way to navigate the abundant water in Blackout.



  • Light Helicopter – Features four seats behind the pilot, allowing passengers to choose the best spot to pick off other players. The helicopter will start to malfunction in the later stages of the game, and is very susceptible to lock-on Missile Launchers. Still, it’s easily the fastest way from Point A to Point B.



Vehicles are a great option to move quickly when the collapse is closing in, or to pursue or flee enemies. Whatever your tactics may be, finding a vehicle is a way to enhance your mobility and game strategies and potentially extend your survival time.



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