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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Zombies In Spaceland Easter Egg guide

Zombies In Spaceland Easter Egg guide

Successfully complete the indicated tasks to unlock the Easter Egg in Spaceland:


1. Locate Secret Items: There are a total of three secret items (calculator, radio, and umbrella) you need to find. These items appear in different locations in different playthroughs. Once you have found all three secret items, go to the DJ located on the map and give him the items. Then, stay in the area and clear three more rounds to get another secret item.


2. Charging the Secret Item: After obtaining the secret item from clearing the three zombie rounds, go to the Bumper Cars, below the Coffee Area, and Journey In Space to charge it. You can tell you are in the correct area if your screen starts shaking. Once you are in the correct area, place the item on the floor and eliminate zombies in its vicinity to charge it. Make sure you do not let any zombies harm the item or you will be forced to restart the entire process again. You must successfully repeat this process three times. You must also look at the UFO over the Ice Mountain during the Clown round and note the color sequence to use later.


3. Finding the Speaker: Once you have completed the above step three times with the secret item, return it to the DJ and clear a few more rounds, then talk to the DJ again. The DJ will give you a speaker. After you have obtained the speaker, go to the Black Hole area, which leads to the Pack-A-Punch area. Once you are in the new area, find the four golden platforms. Place a speaker on each of the four platforms.


4. Playing the Tones in Correct Order: After completing the above steps, each player in your team must interact with the speaker in order to play a tone of varying frequencies. You need to play them in such a way that the tones play in ascending order. Once you have done so, all four players must play the tones at the exact same time to cause a UFO to appear in the sky.


5. UFO Lights Puzzle: To complete this step, you need to use the noted color sequence you previously made of the UFO over the Ice Mountain. Interact with the speakers so you recreate the exact lights sequence on the UFO. Make sure you are careful and do not make a mistake in the sequence since it causes a huge zombie to appear on the map. Once you have completed the individual sequences, hit the switches at the same time to complete this step.


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