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Useful Tips & Tricks

Increase your XP to unlock more loadouts: As you play you’ll earn XP to rank up – and unlock extra loadout slots. You can have five different loadouts, each with primary and secondary weapons, grenades, an operator skill and three perks, meaning you can choose a different loadout for different maps.


Choose your weapons wisely: The loadout you carry determines what you enter the game with – and this will change based on the map and game type you’re playing. Maps like Killhouse, Hijacked and Nuketown are great for SMGs because it’s close quarters combat; a map like Crossfire is great for longer range weapons. Having five loadouts means you can change during a match to suit the situation.


Upgrade your weapons: Rewards can get you weapons cards for upgrades and this can be anything from adding a scope to extending the barrel. The weapon characteristics chart will show the impact of those changes you make – and this can make a big difference to how that weapon performs in the game.


You can’t hide in multiplayer: While you can stay out of sight, or find a corner or building to lurk in, when playing multiplayer the two sides are separated by the enemy wearing red flashes on their uniform. Camouflage doesn’t really matter in that sense, as you can spot the red marks even when hiding. You can be spotted by a UAV and placed on the map – so remember, you’re not invisible.


Keep on moving: Because you can’t hide, staying still is your enemy. Keep moving so the enemy can’t target you. A skill to master is strafing sideways while keeping the enemy in your sights. Duck into cover when you run out of ammo, pop out again to engage. It’s simple use of cover, but it works really well.


Use the slide: You can tap the down button when running to slide. This is unpredictable and gives you a much better chance of making it to cover and avoiding getting shot.


Get familiar with crouch: Lying down in Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer modes will often mean you get shot. But the crouch is really useful, decreasing your visible area while still letting you move around. There’s even a Perk for this – Skulker – which makes you faster when moving crouched.


Use sprint: Sprinting means you can move faster. You can slide up the forward controller or tap the sprint button to do this. There’s a menu option for “always sprint” too – but use this with caution – it sometimes means you can’t stop as accurately as you want and you might end up running into your enemy by mistake. There’s also a Perk to make you faster. Use it.


Go to your pistol: The MW11 – or M1911 – is a great sidearm and it will take people down just as readily as a rifle when you’re up close. Often it’s faster to switch to the pistol than it is to reload your primary weapon. It’s great for maps like Nuketown when things get crazy in the middle. Avoid the silencer though – it lowers the range.


Use your grenades: When the fighting gets tough, often there isn’t time to grab a grenade, but it’s a great opening move: on maps like Killhouse and Nuketown, lobbing the grenade from one end to the other is fairly easy and can quickly wake up your enemy. Just make sure you don’t run into your own grenade and make sure the opening immunity has expired.


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