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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – “Golden Path” Achievement & Trophy Guide

“Golden Path” Achievement & Trophy

In Mission 5: Clean House, you must complete the mission while killing all killable enemies yourself using only one bullet per enemy to get the “Golden Path” achievement. You are not allowed to take any damage. If you make a mistake, you can use checkpoint restart (no need to use mission restart). This is a more complicated achievement than the description indicates. If you shoot some people in the wrong order or too early or let your teammates kill them, it can void the achievement. Look at the video and replicate it exactly floor by floor. This means killing all the enemies in the exact order shown in the video and letting them grab their weapons first. The areas that can be trouble and void the achievement are when you shoot the fake hostage before she draws a gun, and when you shoot the last woman too early or let Price kill her (must shoot her when Price says “Drop Her”).



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