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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – “Play Dead” Achievement & Trophy Guide

“Play Dead” Achievement & Trophy

In Mission 3: Embedded — Objective: Follow Farah, after destroying the two helicopters with C4, follow Farah. You will reach a garden area with lots of dead bodies on the right side. Farah will lay down and tell you to do the same and stay still or else the enemies will spot you. However, do the opposite and kill all the enemies in this section. Make sure to bring some good fully automatic weapons (switch between weapons when the magazine is empty, as it is quicker than reloading). Start shooting the enemies as soon as the first one steps through the door on the other side –- this prevents them from grouping up on you. Also, make sure to set the difficulty to Recruit to reduce damage inflicted by the enemies. You can combine this achievement with the “Companion Block” achievement, which also takes place in the same mission.


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