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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – “Wild Fire” Achievement & Trophy Guide

“Wild Fire” Achievement & Trophy

In Mission 4: Proxy War — Objective: Secure Armory, during the first big enemy encounter, there is a helicopter landing in the middle of the area. As soon as you see a helicopter in the air, quickly run straight to it. This is best done on the Recruit difficulty so the enemies do not kill you on the way. If you are quick enough, you will reach the helipad before the helicopter lands on it. Then, simply throw a Molotov at it. If you do not get to the helicopter in time, restart the checkpoint (or the mission) to try again. Molotovs are your default throwable in this mission. Note: You can also get the “Ashes To Ashes” achievement for burning four enemies with a single Molotov. The helicopter will drop off four soldiers on the helipad. After they have landed on the ground, throw a Molotov on the floor between them.


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