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Call of Duty: WWII PC Controls & Key Bindings

3 November 2017, Friday, 1:39:15


PC Controls & Key Bindings

The default control scheme for Call of Duty: WWII for PC is:



General Controls

Fire – Left Mouse Button

Hold Aim Down The Sight – Right Mouse Button

Reload – R

Switch Weapon – Mouse Wheel

Melee – Q or V

Use – F

Throw Frag/Use Equipment – G

Tactical Equipment – E

Weapon Attachment – 2

Show Scores – TAB





Forward – W

Move Back – S

Move Right – A

Move Left – D

Stand/Jump – Space

Prone – Ctrl

Change Stance – C

Sprint/Hold Breath – Shift

Turn Left – Left Arrow

Turn Right – Right Arrow

Look Up – Up Arrow

Look Down – Down Arrow

Hold Mouse Look – Caps Lock





Text Chat – T

Text Team Chat – Y

Voice Chat – Z



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this was really useless, a bunch of keybinds that is already well known and can be found in the controls settings in the in-game menu…i want to know where the keybind option is for the extra scorestreak from a care package. all there is, is scorestreak 1,2, and 3. i grabbed someones care package and it threw the score streak in an unbound slot and i couldn’t see anywhere in the options to bind it. needless to say scorestreak went unused.


nevermind…found it under emote4/auxiliary scorestreak. overlooked it didnt realy see past the emote4.