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Call of Duty: WWII Zombies – How To Unlock The Pack-A-Punch Machine


How To Unlock The Pack-A-Punch Machine:

The Pack-a-Punch Machine can be obtained after turning on the power*. It is always in the same spot. As well as the mentioned power generator locations on the The Final Reich map.

Requirements: You need money to unlock all barriers and pack-a-punch a weapon. It costs 5000 points to pack-a-punch your weapon. You can also buy ammo for 4000 points at the Pack-a-Punch machine at any time.

– Step 1: Turn on the Power
You do this by turning the 3 valves in the starting area. Then in the middle in of the area you can press a button. Huge flames come through the floor and a few fire zombies will attack. Kill the fire zombies, drop down the hole that was blasted open by the flames and press the generator button down there.

– Step 2: Activate Power Switches in Bunker
Open the Bunker door for 1250 Points. Inside, open the next two doors for 1500 Points each. There are only 2 doors you can open inside, the third door says it doesn’t have sufficient power. Use the crank in the laboratory room of the bunker. Then in the areas through each of the doors is a power switch. You must activate one power switch (press Square) and VERY QUICKLY run to the other power switch (again press Square). If done correctly you have now fully activated the power on all of the map.

– Step 3: Hit the button near the Pack-a-Punch Cage.
From the bunker, head to the bloody basement. It’s flooded with blood and there’s a cage in the middle. Here you can press a button that will lift the cage a little. Pressing this button opens up 3 Disposal Tubes around the map.

– Step 4: Jump through all 3 Disposal Tubes.
They cost 250 each and are small tubes on the walls you can interact with. One is in the bunker, laboratory area where you use the crank. The second is also inside the bunker, in front of the Schildblitz perk. The third is at the tower where you have to defend the lightning rod for the easter egg. Each tube brings you back to the Pack-a-Punch Room. After exiting each tube you’ll be standing in front a button. Press those buttons (they are all in the Pack-a-Punch room but only accessible after using each tube). – Once you’ve gone through all 3 tubes and pressed their buttons the Pack-a-Punch Machine is unlocked.

• A short guide showing you how to find the Pack-a-Punch Machine and the power switches in The Final Reich.


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