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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Brakes and How to Fix Them

16 July 2017, Sunday, 1:35:39



Information about brakes and how to fix them. There can be up to six different parts per car that affect the braking. These are:


ABS Pump – Location: Under the hood (Some older cars or muscle cars may not have this)

ABS Module – Location: Under the hood (Again, not all cars have this)

Brake Caliber – Location: Behind the wheels mounted on the brake disc

Brake Pads – Location: In between of the Brake Caliber

Brake Disc – Location: Behind the rear wheels

Brake Disc ventilated – Location: Behind the front wheels


Disassembling the disc brakes – Take the wheel off, then the brake caliber (the screws for this are on the other side), brake pads, and finally the brake disc(ventilated), depending on is it on the front or rear).


Disassembling the drum brakes – Take the wheel off, then the Brake drum, Brake shoes and finally the drum wheel cylinder.



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