Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Money


Fastest and Easiest Way to Make Money

Best job for YOUR level!

To make the most money, you must assess each call and determine the value of the parts that the customer requires. The types of jobs vary by your level, level 10 and below have mostly running gear, brake and timing jobs. Level 10 and above have a gearbox, body panels, exhaust, interior and more internal engine issues.




Levels 1-5: Running gear, brakes and oil.


Levels 5-10: Timing and ignition jobs.


Levels 10 and beyond: Gearbox, Body panels, Exhaust, interior, paint, more internal engine issues.


Below I will explain which jobs to take at your given level.



Levels 1-5: The best jobs to take in the beginning are the ones that state “Brake systems need fixing”. These jobs contain the chance to have a broken ABS Module or ABS Pump, which are very expensive parts. (Note: Not every “Brake Systems need fixing” will require a new ABS module or ABS Pump.) Some running gear jobs, depending on the severity and spread of the damage can also rake in some decent cash.



Levels 5-10: The best jobs for this tier are the same as levels 1-5, the timing jobs are not all that rewarding. “Car will not start” jobs have some potential for raking in some easy cash if the ignition coils need replacing.


Levels 10 and beyond: Every job from level 1-10 are now obsolete. The absolute best jobs are gearbox issues. The best gearbox jobs are the ones that claim “Driver struggling to find gears”, this is a guaranteed huge profit, you will 100% have to replace the entire gearbox encasing, which is generally $1000+. This job is almost always paired with the other gearbox issues.



I was able to finish the job below in 5 minutes, made an easy profit.




Job Bonuses

Certain jobs will have a bonus, such as a money bonus or an experience bonus.

Shown below is where it indicates the





These bonuses provide a nice increase in EXP and money, take these jobs before all others!



Another way to get even MORE money is by taking bigger jobs that require lots of different things. For example, a job that requires timing, gearbox, exhaust and new body panels. These jobs produce a higher task bonus!



Junkyards and Barn Finds!

You may be scratching your head and be wondering how it’s possible to make any sort of money from the junkyard or barn finds. Well, it’s simple. Most people are unaware of the profit that is possible!



How to make a profit: This is going to sound crazy! Buy every single part from the junk piles at the junkyard and/or barn finds. This will most likely cost lots of money 30k+. Take these parts back to your garage and attempt to repair all of the parts, if some break it is not a big deal. Then after you do that sell all of the parts! You should have easily made a profit!



Simplified steps:

1.) Buy every part from the junkyard/barn find.




2.) Attempt to repair every part




3.) Sell every part




4.) Profit!




This method has worked on many occasions for me!

(Note: It helps to have a high repair skill! Although not completely necessary!)



Making money from your restorations!

Making money from your own car is going to require lots of time and initial investment.



How to get started:

1.) Purchase a car from the auction house, a barn or the junkyard.

2.) Disassemble the entire car, leaving nothing but the frame.




3.) Attempt to repair any part that you can.




4.) Assemble car from the ground up, buying new parts as you need them.




5.) Make sure every part is 100% so you can get a huge restoration bonus!


6.) Sell car when everything is 100% condition.


7.) Boom, significant profit!


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