Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – Repairable Car Parts


Repairable Car Parts

Ever wanted to know what car parts the repair table in your garage can fix? Well this guide may help you.



Repair Table (What can I fix)

Note that these items are parts that I have attempted to repair at the “Repair Table” at Level 25, with a 95% repair success rate.


The lowest part condition percentage was 15%. Anything below 15% was unrepairable.


These items can be repaired.




Camshaft, Engine Head, Engine Head Cover, Intake Manifold, Ignition Coil, Crankshaft, Crankshaft Bearing Cup, Rear Side Housing Block, Air Filter Base, Oil Pan, Power Steering Pump, Clip A, Timing Cover, Throttle, Radiator, Radiator Fan, Exhaust Manifold, Carburetor, Thermostat, Alternator, Ignition Distributor Cap, Fuel Rail, Turbocharger, Intermediate Housing, Round Air Filter Base, Round Air Filter Cover, Battery,





Rear Wheel Hub, Front Wheel Hub, Coil-Spring Rear Drive Axle, Leaf-Spring Rear Drive Axle, Front Drive Axle, Wheel Hub, Solid Rear Drive Axle, Upper Suspension Arm, Leaf Spring U-Bolt, Front Suspension Crossmember, Front Steering Knuckle, Rear Suspension Upper Arm, Rear Suspension Arm,





Brake Servo, Brake Calliper Cylinder, Brake Shoe, ASB Module,




Exhaust: N/A





Gearbox, Clutch Plate, Transfer Case, Front Differential, Front Drive Shaft,





Rim Classic, Rim Modern, Rim Cape, Rim Rollett, Rim Basic, Rim Retro,




Body: N/A


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once separated the double wishbone shock absorbers and their cap can be repaired but not the spring