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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – What Game Features Unlock at What Level

2 September 2017, Saturday, 19:22:01


What Game Features Unlock at What Level

LevelWhat Unlocks

1 – Your Basic Garage. 1-lifter, tire changer, wheel balancer and spring puller, radio and phone

1 – Parking. One level. You can buy more.

1 – Test Track. Use to determine broken steering, gearbox and suspension parts. (N.B. test path does not discover bad steering-related parts.)

1 – Bonus Track – Abandoned Airport. For free roam fooling around. (Doughnuts)

1 – Race Track. For time trials around a loop track

1 – Car Salon, aka Car Dealer. For buying new and expensive cars.)

4+ – Level II Garage Upgrade. Adds test path and repair bench to your garage.

7 ? – Barns. Go to purchase cars in mid to poor condition. Also random used parts.

12+ – Level III Garage Upgrade. Adds 2nd lifter and parts warehouse.

13 – Junkyard. Go here to purchase mid to poor condition cars and random used parts. Like a very large barn with a great selection.

19 – Auction. Go here to bid on an assortment of cars in good condition (but not perfect).

30+ – Level IV Garage Upgrade. Adds paint shop, cleaning/detailing tools, dyno (later?), a third lifter and a welder (to repair car “body”).

35+ – Able to repair car body parts –doors, bumpers, etc. At this point you should be able to restore any car to 100% condition, paint it any color and livery you want, and sell it for maximum profit. Or keep it and admire your growing collection like you’re Jay Leno.

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