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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – Junkyard Guide


The concept is based on a real-world thing that happens for real. What you do in some places you pay a fee to get in, then rummage through the boxes of stuff and only TAKE what YOU FEEL YOU NEED. Not go and take everything because it is there unless you are a scrap collector like that. And like any Barn Yard sale, you may get lucky and find a car that you can use in your collection or rebuild to sell.


  • Open the Map, and select the Junkyard from the list.


  • Explore the junkyard and search the scrap for parts.



  • You search around the junkyard until you locate anything that you believe you require.  It doesn’t have to be bought just because it’s there.  If you don’t require it, don’t purchase it.


  • When you finish your exploration, select Back to Garage from the pie menu.


  • You can view a summary of your loot in the summary screen. At this point, you can also opt-out of parts that you are not interested in.


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