Cash Crop – Equipment and Tools



These are the basic instruments used to maintain your plants. There are 4 categories of tools: Seedbags (for planting seeds you have access to), Watering Tools (to water your plants), Tending tools (for care and maintenance), and Fertilizers (to feed and heal your plants). Tools are upgraded by hiring a Groundskeeper and unlocking the next tool from the tech tree. Upgraded tools have unique perks like extended range, area of effect, rapid use, and buffs.



Equipment are the “toys” of the farm. Unlike tools they are purchased individually, cost money to operate, must be equipped to use. You cannot use your tools while holding equipment. Equipment, such as the hose or hedge trimmer are like hyper specialized tools. For example the hose lets you water plants from a distance, while moving. Unlike using a watering can which requires you to be adjacent to the plant and stationary. Hedge trimmers make harvesting a breeze. Using equipment requires some setup and logistics (hoses will need to be attached to water sources and have a fixed length) and rewards the industrious farmer.

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