Cash Crop – Heat, Disease, Pests



Heat represents that amount risk your currently engaged in. Taking less legal contracts, selling bud through a dealer, or growing more plants than you’re allowed generates heat. Low levels of heat typically aren’t a problem but carrying high levels of heat can lead to increasingly frequent and severe fines, protestors, DEA raids/shutdowns, helicopter fly overs, etc. Heat is kind of analogous to your Wanted Rated in GTA (1-5 stars). Accumulating too much heat and getting shut down is one way to lose the game.


Disease, Pests

Plants will develop diseases or pests based on how they are (or aren’t) cared for. Fungus gnats are the only disease currently game and may appear on plants that are chronically over-watered or are dead and haven’t been removed from the field. More and more gnats will appear until the plant dries out or dies. Gnats can spread from infected plants to other health plants. Fungus gnats will cause small but significant impacts on health and stress. They will expand to include thips, white flies spider mites, and pests and diseases.

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