Cash Crop – Staff, Crew and Contracts



Staff act as your tech tree, hiring new staff members and unlocking their abilities opens up the various dimensions of play and aspects of cannabis farming life. Adding new crew, more plant licenses, better tools, access to new contracts, improvements for you plants, and access to street dealers all come from the staff tree.



The people who run your farm and do the hard work for you are your crew. Each crew member will have a name and backstory with optional plot, contracts, and story interaction. Hire crew to water, trim, and harvest for you. This liberates you to spend more time adventuring, exploring, and looking for new markets.



Contracts are the straight forward way of acquiring work. You can either start growing your plants and then look for contracts to fulfill, or you can accept a contract right away and structure your play around serving your clients. Contracts will pay you funds in advance and funds on completion. You can negotiate each of these but pushing too hard will cause you to lose the contract. Eventually, you’ll maintain relationships with vendors and you’ll be able to improve or hurt that relationship through negotiations. Contracts refresh every week and provide context and character to play.

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