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Castle Story Cheat Codes

23 December 2017, Saturday, 0:01:57



Customize Survival Map

This tutorial works for survival maps. It’s extremely easy, as long as you don’t edit anything else your game will be fine.


Note: Make sure to make a copy to the survival.gamemode.json file before editing anything.




1. Find your Castle Story folder (It’s in the Castle Story local content folder. You will be able to access it if you do: Steam -> Games -> Right click on Castle Story -> Properties -> Browse Local Content.)

2. Go to “Info” folder, then to “Niveaux” folder.

3. Find the folder name with the survival map you want to customize

4. Open “survival.gamemode.json” file with a notepad application.

5. Read below to understand what is what.


Below are the things you can change and what they do: (these things should be mostly at the top)


roundLength – Time limit for each round, measured in seconds


firstRoundLength – Time limit for first round, measure in seconds


enemeyIncreasePerRound – The increase of number of enemies per wave


BricktronCostIncreasePerSpawn – Increase in cost of blue crystal to spawn a new brickton after each new spawn


wallResistence – How tough your blocks are, affect Brickton as well, try not to set the number too high


energyRefundForBricktronSoul – How much energy you get for each Brickton loss


energyRefundForCorruptronSoul – How much energy you get for each defeated Corruptron


bonusHitPointsForDoors- How tough your door will be


minimumTimeForCrystalSoulAbsorption – How long will it take for the crystal to absorb the energies


Note2: Make sure you don’t change the name of the file. Removing “survival” from the “survival.gamemode.json” would change the game mode to sandbox.


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