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Cat Quest – Dungeons with Golden Chests

21 August 2017, Monday, 21:37:38


Dungeons with Golden Chests

Here’s a handy list of the dungeons with golden chests.

Dungeons with (+S) next to them have a secret passage to the chest.

Lvl “1” Key Cave– Contains the Key!
Lvl 0 Secret Cave x4 (+S)
Lvl 5 Loot Cave
Lvl 5 Alpha Ruins
Lvl 8 Bat Cave (+S)
Lvl 10 Bandit Cave
Lvl 10 Furrest Cave
Lvl 15 Beta Ruins
Lvl 15 Old Ruins
Lvl 20 Purre Cave
Lvl 20 Gamma Ruins
Lvl 25 Purre Lair
Lvl 25 Delta Ruins
Lvl 30 Pawt Cave x2
Lvl 30 Zeta Ruins (+S)
Lvl 30 Spiral Cave
Lvl 35 Eta Ruins
Lvl 40 Tiny Hole
Lvl 40 Theta Ruins (+S)
Lvl 45 Iota Ruins
Lvl 45 Dragon Rest (+S)
Lvl 45 Old Master’s Ruins – East
Lvl 50 Old Master’s Ruins – West
Lvl 50 Purrn Cave
Lvl 50 Ore Mine
Lvl 55 Lambda Ruins
Lvl 60 Mew Cave
Lvl 60 Mu Ruins
Lvl 65 Icy Glaive
Lvl 70 Nu Ruins
Lvl 70 Wilted Cave (+S)
Lvl 75 Xi Ruins (+S)
Lvl 80 Omikron Ruins
Lvl 85 Pi Ruins (+S)
Lvl 90 Rho Ruins
Lvl 99 Hidden Cave x2 (+S)
Lvl 200 Lonely Cave

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