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Caves of Qud Cheat Codes

22 March 2017, Wednesday, 2:00:49


The command panel can be accessed in the game by pressing [Ctrl] and W.



Cheat Code (Wish)      Result

idkfa      God Mode

xp:<amount>         Grant an amount of xp

blink         Teleport

smartass        Add all tinkering skills

trip          Go prone

pro        Gain high stats

maxmod        Set the mod chance to 999

glotrot       Give yourself glotrot

ironshankonset      Give yourself ironshank onset

ironshank       Give yourself ironshank

glotrotonset       Give yourself glotrot onset

minime       Create an evil twin

sultanreveal      Reveal all sultan locations

relic      Generate all relics in the history + one random relic for each type

whatami      Displays the player body’s blueprint

night       Set the time to night

day        Set the time to day



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