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Caves of Qud Cheat Codes


The command panel can be accessed in the game by pressing [Ctrl] and W.



Cheat Code (Wish)      Result

  • idkfa      God Mode


  • xp:<amount>       Grant an amount of XP


  • blink        Teleport


  • smartass        Add all tinkering skills


  • trip          Go prone


  • pro        Gain high stats


  • maxmod        Set the mod chance to 999


  • glotrot       Give yourself glotrot


  • ironshankonset      Give yourself ironshank onset


  • ironshank       Give yourself ironshank


  • glotrotonset       Give yourself glotrot onset


  • minime       Create an evil twin


  • sultanreveal      Reveal all sultan locations


  • relic      Generate all relics in history + one random relic for each type


  • whatami      Displays the player body’s blueprint


  • night       Set the time to night


  • day        Set the time to day


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