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Chicken Police – How to Get a “Frank Drebin” Grade on a Questioning

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How to Get a “Frank Drebin” Grade on a Questioning

You can achieve this with the focus accuracy of %10 on an interrogation. This can be done at Deborah Ibanez’s questioning by asking her the following questions;


-Who exactly are you ma’am?


-You’re not very confident. Are you sure you’re alright?


-Did you come alone? All by yourself?


-Do you even know what you want?


-Were you born and raised in Clawville?


-Why did you come to visit me? Why not your employer herself?


-I’m sure it’s not intentional, but are you toying with me?


-This is just too risky for me, I can’t take the case!


-Are you in some sort of jam?


-Have you ever felt truly vulnerable?


-Tell me, Deborah, why should I believe you at all?


-Be honest, and tell me what you are so afraid of?



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