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Chicken Police – How to Get The Explorer Achievement

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How to Get The Explorer Achievement

Visit all the limited locations

This achievement requires you to visit all limited locations on the game.


Chapter 1

Main: Hotel Atlas

Main: Police Station

Hop-Dog before Czar Club.

Hotel Atlas Before Czar Club.

Main: Czar Club

Hop-Dog before Weekend House.

Police Station before Weekend House.

Main: Weekend House

Mullen’s Newstand before Hotel Atlas.

Czar Club before Hotel Atlas.

Police Station before Hotel Atlas.

Main: Hotel Atlas



Chapter 2




Chapter 3

Main: Bubo’s Place

Weekend House before Hop-Dog.

Czar Club before Hop-Dog.

The Sweltering Nile before Hop-Dog

Main: Hop-Dog

Mullen’s Newstand before Police Station

Main: Police Station

Bubo’s Place before Hotel Atlas

Main: Hotel Atlas



Chapter 4

Main: Insane Asylum

Main: Hotel Atlas

Mullen’s Newstand before The Wessler Residence

Bubo’s Place before The Wessler Residence

Weekend House before The Wessler Residence

Hop-Dog before The Wessler Residence

Main: The Wessler Residence


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