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Children of Silentown: Prologue – Full Game Walkthrough


Full Game Walkthrough

PROLOGUE (a prologue of a prologue?!)

* Click DRAW (2x)


* Click STAND UP


* Click GET CLOSER (3x)


* Click TURN


* Click the ball


* Open inventory and give the ball to the boy


* Select one of the dialogue choices




* Talk to your mom. She needs the SAUCEPAN


* Click the SMALL PAN (near the door)


* Open inventory and give SAUCEPAN (small pan) to your mom


* She needs wood to kindle the fire


* Click SQUINTY (cat). He/she is sleeping on the wooden chest.


* Go upstairs


* Take TOY MOUSE on the ground


* Go downstairs


* Open inventory and use TOY MOUSE on Squinty


* You found a NOTE


* Click the chest and get some WOOD


* Open inventory and use FIREWOOD on the fireplace


* Talk to mom. She needs SALAMI now. It’s in the cellar.


* Take the CANDLE on the desk.


* Open inventory and use CANDLE on the fireplace to light it up.


* Go down the CELLAR


* Use the LIT CANDLE on the candle holder.




* Exit the cellar


* Give SALAMI to mom.


* She needs SALT


* Take the STOOL






* Use the STRANGE INSTRUMENT (near the workbench)


* Talk to the OLD LADY. She gives you a pendant.


* Use the door near the bell. You will get a CLAPPER.


* Open inventory and use CLAPPER on the bell.


* You’ll learn a new note.


* Watch a few cutscenes and the game ends.


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