Chroma Blast Upgrade Guide


Chroma Blast Weapon upgrades

Once you fill up your colour gauge in the top left corner, you can upgrade your ships weapons. You can do this twice, and once you suffer damage, you lose the current upgrade you were on.


For example: If you upgraded to Red + Red and suffer damage. You will go back down to just Red, and if you happen to work back up to upgrading again, you can no longer choose Red + Red for that run.


Yellow + Blue is by far the most broken weapon, if you just want to easily beat the game, choose this one. Blue + Blue is also up there, but not quite as broken in my opinion.



Red Upgrades

-2 way spread shot.

Red + Red
-2 way rapid fire shot. (Machine gun)

Red + Orange
-Action to shoot shotgun Orange bullets.

Red + Yellow
-Shoots Yellow shot that spreads in all directions upon impact.

Red + Green
-Action shoots many green shots towards every direction from ship, and one larger shot toward shooting direction. (Long cooldown on shots).

Red + Blue
-Shoots homing blue shots.




Orange Upgrades

-Action to shoot single fire Piercing Orange Shot. (Average cooldown)

-Orange + Red
Rapid fire single Red shots.

Orange + Orange
-Single shot Piercing Orange Lasers. (Average Cooldown)

Orange + Yellow
-Shoots Large Yellow Rocket Shots that explode in an area on impact.

Orange + Green
-Hold Action to charge a Green Laser Shot. The longer held, the longer the laser lasts. (Seems to be how long you held it down is how long it will shoot for)

Orange + Blue
-Shoots homing Blue Spiked Shots at rapid speed. (Very strong)




Yellow Upgrades

-Action shoots a short range Yellow Pulse outside all directions from your ship.

Yellow + Red
-Action shoots many Red Circle Shots toward shooting direction. (Seem to have limited amount of times they can hit before fading)

Yellow + Orange
-Action shoots a large Orange Pulse outside all direcions from your ship.

Yellow + Yellow
-Actions shoots a slightly larger Yellow Pulse outside all directions from your ship. If the Pulse connects with an enemy, the enemy will be destroyed and send an additional pulse from it’s location. These pulses will also cause the effect. (Very strong if used correctly, kills enemys that spawn additional enemies on death without thought.)

Yellow + Green
-Hold action to charge a large Green Pulse that shoots outside all direcions from your ship. The longer you hold, the larger the Pulse. (Very long cooldown, it’s pretty bad)

Yellow + Blue
-Permanent Blue Barrier around ship that hurts anything it touchs, whilst also shooting rapid homing Blue Shots in every direction. (WARNING: GAME BREAKER, it’s virtually impossible to die with this weapon on,)




Green Upgrades

-Sends ship on burst of speed forward toward moving direction whilst making you invulnerable, also damages any enemys touched during dash.

Green + Red
-Sends ship on burst of speed forward toward moving direction whilst making you invulnerable, also damages any enemys touched during dash. (VERY LOW COOLDOWN, spam at own risk)

Green + Orange
-Warps forward, leaving behind a trail of Orange Triangles that damage any enemy they touch.

Green + Yellow
-2 Yellow Triangles orbit your ship damaging enemys they touch.

Green + Green
-Action accelerates toward moving direction, damaging anything you touch in the path. (Lasts ~3 seconds with a short cooldown)

Green + Blue
-Sends ship on burst of speed forward toward moving direction whilst making you invulnerable, also damages any enemys touched during dash. Also shoots a wave of Blue Triangles forward damaging enemies they contact.




Blue Upgrades

-Movable Blue Orb that damages on contact.

Blue + Red
-Shoots Red orbs from all directions from Movable Red Orb clockwise.

Blue + Orange
-Action to swap locations with Orange Orb.

Blue + Yellow
-4 Yellow orbs circle Yellow Orb. (Orb seems slower)

Blue + Green
-Action to bring Green Orb towards ship.

Blue + Blue
-Shoots Blue orbs from ship towards Blue Orb. (Very overpowered, made game extremely easy)




Bonus Tips

1-/ Upgrades can only happen by getting multiplier dots, which drop from enemies killed. You have to go close enough to pick them up. Upgrades happen at x50 and x150 (second is x100 if you took damage after already second upgrading)

2-/ Enemies spawn portals always happen at the same speed. They appear as red and cycle between colours. When they get to red again, the enemy will spawn. This is helpful for timing prefires with the harder to use weapons.

3-/ Make sure to completely die before exiting if you want to put your score on the leaderboards. Leaving through the start menu will not track your score.


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