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Citadel: Forged With Fire – Building: Thrones, Decay, Magic Structures, Mana Management

29 December 2017, Friday, 2:52:03


Building: Thrones, Decay, Magic Structures, Mana Management

How to Build

To begin building, you must first unlock structure pieces within the Knowledge Tree. Press the ‘K’ key, click the ‘Structures’ tab, and use Knowledge Points to unlock various structure packs. There are three types of structure pieces: wood, stone and ornate. Each type is stronger than the previous type and has a distinct look.

Once you’ve unlocked the building pieces, press ‘B’ to open the Build menu. Using your mouse wheel and left mouse button, scroll through your options and select the piece you’d like to build. A pop up will tell you the type and quantity of resources you’ll need to build the desired piece. If you can satisfy the build requirement, position your piece as you’d like it and click to construct it. Pieces will fit together as you’d expect.

If you don’t like the way you’ve placed a piece, return to the first layer of the build menu and scroll to the ‘destroy’ icon. Any piece you click on while this icon is highlighted will be immediately demolished, and a portion of its construction resources will be sent back to your inventory.


Claiming a Structure with a Throne

After you’ve built yourself a home you’re going to want to claim it by placing a Throne within it. The Throne is a completely free building piece that can be found under the Small Mana Structures subsection of the build menu.

Claiming a structure will stop it from decaying, prevent unwanted players from opening your doors and restrict strangers from demolishing your pieces with the build menu option (though they can still break your pieces with attacks). Additionally, Thrones will apply a small no-build zone around your structure, stopping strangers from building onto the sides of your precious abode.

You can grant building and access privileges to other players via two types of relationships:

Party members: Any members of your current party can access and build upon your house. This relationship is temporary, and expires after the group is disbanded or players log-off.

House members: Players in a House share the same Throne, and therefore share the same structure. All players in the House have access to the structure, and can build onto it at will.


Structural Decay

Thrones will decay in 16 days unless you replace them or heal them
If abandoned (dethroned), wood pieces will decay in roughly 2 days
If abandoned (dethroned), stone pieces will decay in roughly 4.5 days
If abandoned (dethroned), ornate/marble pieces will decay in roughly 8 days
If abandoned (dethroned), magic and decorative structures will decay in roughly 2 days

To prevent loss of your structure, make sure you regularly heal or replace your thrones within each 16 day period. It is also wise to highly protect your throne to prevent raiders for expediting the degradation process.

(Note: Decay times may vary on private servers)


Magic Structures

As you grow in level you can better fortify and defend your dwelling by unlocking and building a variety of magic structures. Open the Knowledge Tree with the ‘K’ key and click the ‘Structures’ tab. The list of magic structures can be found on the right hand side.

Conjuring Cauldron: Necessary in crafting high level mana, health and vitality potions.

Forge: Used to turn various ores into ingots and craft powerful melee weapons.

Workbench: Necessary in crafting wands, staves and broomsticks.

Tailoring Bench: Use to craft clothing, armors and gauntlets.

Repair Bench: Repair damaged or broken weapons, armors and trinkets. Requires Rune Energy (see the ‘Rune Energy’ section below)

Respawn Stone: Allows you the option to respawn at your house when you die during combat.

Storage Chest/Cabinet: A place to safely store your items in your home. Can be accessed by anyone, so be sure to keep it in a secure area.

Stone Enhancer: Provides offensive and defensive buffs to nearby allies. Perfect for maintaining the upper-hand when defending your structure from attackers. Requires Rune Energy (see the ‘Rune Energy’ section below)

Reformation Stone: Will repair any damage done to nearby structural pieces. Requires Rune Energy (see the ‘Rune Energy’ section below)

Healing/Mana Pools: Stand in these pools to gradually restore your health/mana. Requires Rune Energy (see the ‘Rune Energy’ section below)

Deconstructor: Repurpose unwanted items into rare and valuable crafting resources.

Wood/Stone Transmuters: Converts Rune Energy into wood and stone (see the ‘Rune Energy’ section below)

Obelisks: These towers can attack enemies or shield your structures from damage. Can be upgraded to increase their capability. (see the ‘Rune Energy’ section below)


Rune Energy

Many of the game’s magic structures require Rune Energy to function. To keep them charged up you’ll have to construct Mana Generators and consistently feed them Rune Crystals. Approach a Mana Generator to see its current stored Rune Energy. To feed it a Rune Crystal, press the ‘E’ key.

Mana Generators will automatically send Rune Energy to magic structures in their immediate vicinity. To extend their range you can use Mana Nodes to relay the stream of energy.


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