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Citadel: Forged With Fire – Extraction XP Rates

31 July 2017, Monday, 13:11:04


Extraction XP Rates
Wooden Logs/Sticks on ground > 4xp/s
Trees > 6xp/s
Stone > 7xp/s
Rune Crystal > 10xp/s
Precious Stone > 11xp/s
Giant Mushrooms > 12xp/s

I’d recommend if you want to, just go around extracting all of the giant mushrooms so you can get fastest xp/s and then you’ll have the mushrooms needed for health pots.

If you are wearing a Primitive Magic Ring then when you Extract, you will never need to use mana potions as your mana will be regenerating while you’re Extracting.




This is what a Precious Stone Ore Looks like, Found on top of most mountains with a tint of red glow.



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