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Citadel: Forged With Fire – First Few Levels

27 July 2017, Thursday, 0:38:39


First few levels
As soon as you leave the safezone head to the beach, and look for items you’re able to pick up, ie wood, flowers, mushrooms, crystals. This will easily get you to level 2 before you arrive on the beach. As you get to the beach, look at the glowing icons on the bottom right of the screen, these notify you on what you can upgrade and what you have unlocked. Pressing ‘K’ should bring up a skill tree, move to the ‘structures’ tab and immediately unlock the first 3 tiers of wooden buildings.

Move along the beach picking up wood until you have 8, build a single floor (build menu is ‘b’). Adding walls, and a door should get you a basic base, as well as giving you sufficient XP for level 3. Now press ‘K’ again and goto the ‘items’ tab, unlock the level 1 staff then move to the ‘spell’ tab and unlock the fire ball spell for the staff. The staff does the most damage than the wand or the glove.

To craft the staff you must use 1 rune crystal, and 6 wood, which is very easy and you should already have. Once this is made right click the staff, then goto the spell menu (P) and right click the fireball spell. Your staff now should beable to shoot a fireball via left click at the cost of 10 mana. To increase mana press ‘c’ and use upgrade points to increase your health, mana, weight, etc.

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