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Civilization III PC Keyboard Controls

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PC Keyboard Shortcuts & Hotkeys

F1 – Domestic Advisor

F2 – Trade Advisor

F3 – Military Advisor

F4 – Foeign Advisor

F5 – Cultural Advisor

F6 – Science Advisor

F7 – Wonders of the World

F8 – Histograph/Score

F9 – Palace

F10 – Spaceship

F11 – Demographics

Q – Load Production Queue While in City Window

W – Wait

E – Explore/Espionage

R – Build Road/Recon Mission

T – Airlift

U – Upgrade

P – Pillage

A – Airdrop/Automate Worker

S – Air Superiority Mission

D – Disband Unit

F – Fortify/Garrison

G – Go to Contact City Govenors Screen

H – Center on Capitol/Hurry Production

L – Load/Unload

Z – Zoom In and Out

C – Center on Active Unit

B – Bombard/Bombing Mission/Build Army/Build City/Join City to Increase Population.

N – Plant Forest

M – Build Mine

Space Bar – Unit Hold/Skip Turn

Shift+A – Automate without altering pre-existing improvements

Shift+I – Automate, This City Only

Shift+P – Automate, Clean up Polution Only

Shift+F – Automate, Clear Forests Only

Shift+C – Clean Up Polution, Clear Forest, Clear Jungle

Shift+U – Upgrade All

Shift+Click – Add to Production Queue While in City Window

Shift+Q – Save Production Queue While in City Window

Shift+G – Change Government (Start Revolution)

Shift+M – Change Mobilization Shift+R – Build Railroad, Re-base Mission

Shift+D – Contact Rival Leaders

Shift+L – Locate City

Shift+E – Use Embassy or Spy

Ctrl+Shift+Q – Retire

Shift+Enter – End Turn Immediately

Ctrl+F – Build Fortress

Ctrl+R – Build Road to…

Ctrl+B – Build Road to… Then Colony

Ctrl+H – Hurry Improvement

Ctrl+Shift+E – Goes to Espionage Screen

Ctrl+G – Toggle Map Grid

Ctrl+P – Change Preferences

Ctrl+M – Main Menu

Ctrl+S – Save Game

Ctrl+L – Load Game

Ctrl+Q – Resign and Quit

Ctrl+Shift+M – Main Menu

Ctrl+Shift+G – GoTo City

Ctrl+Shift+E – Plant a Spy

Ctrl+Shift+Q – New Game

Ctrl+Shift+R – Build Railroad To


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