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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm PC Keyboard Shortcuts

PC Keyboard Shortcuts


There are many useful keyboard “shortcut” keys in Civilization VI. Here are some of the most important:





Action     Hotkey

Next Action – Return

Toggle Grid – G




Appeal – 3

Continent – 2

Government – 5

Politicial – 6

Religion – 1

Settler – 4



Online Actions

Pause – P



Unit Actions

Attack – A

Automate Exploration – E

Delete Unit – Delete

Fortify – F

Found City – B

Move To – M

Ranged Attack – R

Skip Turn – Space

Sleep – Z



User Interface

Open the Civilopedia – F9

Toggle City-State Screen – F2

Toggle Civics Tree – C

Toggle Espionage Screen – F3

Toggle Government Screen – F7

Toggle Great People Screen – O

Toggle Great Works Screen – W

Toggle Rankings Screen – F1

Toggle Religion Screen – L

Toggle Tech Tree – T

Toggle Trade Routes Screen – F4


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