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Clicker Heroes 2 – Equipment & Stats

17 July 2018, Tuesday, 9:42:31

Equipment & Stats

Selecting your equipment for is quite simple, however the long term affects of your decision should be considered before making your choices. Each time you select the same piece of equipment, you will be choosing to either random role all the stats, which we strongly urge you to preview before selecting, or to add a stat to your current weapon. Occasionally the damage output of the item can change with each option as well so remember to consider this. When it comes to equipment there are many different builds and varieties in choice you can choose, but a general rule of thumb is pick either clickable bonuses or passive bonuses and stick with them for maximum effect.


  • -Haste is always a good option if you are unsure what your path will be as this affects cooldowns, attack speed and the automater.


  • -Boss gold is less valuable than some might think due to the small amount of bosses you will actually encounter compare to normal opponents.


  • -Sometimes if you are not happy with your options then rolling new stats can be for the best.


  • -You won’t always get the best combinations first time. Trial and error is key!



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