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Clicker Heroes 2 – Starting Explanation

17 July 2018, Tuesday, 9:26:39

Starting Explanation

So you have just launched the game for the first time. You are eager to explore the new realms and worlds with excessive numbers to come. Although the start is extremely self explanatory, here is a run down of some of the basics and what they do:




  • Energy – Used for most skills, replenishes per second at a rate affected by gear and level up perks. Can also be restored by clicking the energy towers found around the edges of the pathway.


  • Mana – Used for a few skills that are mainly focused on replenishing energy and reloading. Restores at a much slower rate than energy and can also be restored by clicking the mana towers.


  • Haste – Known in most games as agility, this increases auto attack speed while reducing cool down values, very useful to have if you remove the minimum skill cooldowns later on. This also reduces the automater cooldowns.




  • Gold – The primary currency in the game, this is used to purchase gear levels for your character to improve their damage and bonus stats. This will be gathered in ludicrous quantities later on in the game.


  • Rubies – The old premium currency from the original game, this is now just a more valuable currency used to purchase world long, permanent and temporary boosts from the flying merchant.




  • Small Gold Pile – Small boost of gold.


  • Large Gold Pile – Large boost of gold.


  • Orange Bird – Massive boost of gold and rubies!


  • Energy Tower – Boost of Energy.


  • Mana Tower – Boost of Mana.



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