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Cliff Empire – How Do Cities Earn Money Faster?

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How do cities earn money faster?

-Selling Matters and other resources to Trading Portal. Earns 200c a day. Resource pipelines are easy to set up. Need to create other source of income due to Portal’s trading limit per day, or use up more huge land lots to build additional portals.



-Offices earns 120-240c a day. These requires 45-90 workers (and their upkeep) and 18-36 power. There are other money-making buildings like Banks, Town Squares, Entertainment Centers, but they earn lesser than Offices.



-Selling resources to neighbouring cities is the most profitable. But you must make sure your neighbours can afford to pay and have demand for the resource. They will need source of income on their own.


-Taxes from Social Charges. This requires big population and high prestige. Income from this starts small, but will grow to be significant when you hit population of 200 and above.



-Tourism income from Airport and Zeppelins.



-The most efficient method is loaning money, earning interest by waiting.


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