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Close Combat: The Bloody First – Attacking During Operations

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Attacking During Operations

During an operation, the side with the initiative is attacking and may choose how long to prepare for the next attack. Each battle takes one hour. The attack options are as follows:



Hasty Attack

There is a one-hour preparation time for the next attack that is barely enough time to regroup your Company’s available units. Units cannot rest or resupply ammunition, and there may not be enough time to incorporate replacements. Doing this type of attack several times in a row will make it more difficult to keep fighting.



Prepared Attack

You would get 5 hours to prepare for the next attack. This allows for a regrouping, resupply of equipment and ammunition, and incorporation of some replacements. This would be considered the normal pace of combat to sustain that for several days.



Dawn Attack

You attack the next morning (if the Operation time clock allows). Dawn attacks advance the time to 0600. This could be many hours since the last battle and allow your units sufficient time to regroup, resupply, and receive replacements. The timing of this attack could be beneficial to recover from a tough battle or a series of hasty attacks.



Night Attack

If there isn’t enough time left during daylight hours (sunset is at 1800 hours), the option for a Night Attack may be available. Besides the low visibility battlefield conditions, a Night Attack interferes with normal overnight resupply and replacement activity. This could greatly reduce the effectiveness of these activities. In addition, your units would not be able to rest overnight. An example of this situation would be as follows. It is 1500 hours, and a Prepared Attack would not be ready until 2000 hours (that is night time). So instead of a Prepared Attack option, there would be a Night Attack option. Night Attacks begin at 0000 hours (midnight) and end at 0600 hours.



Counter Attacks

The side that does not have the initiative but has driven the attacker entirely off the map just played can launch an operational level Counter Attack. The game will notify both sides if this occurs. Both sides must then choose their type of attack (hasty, prepared, night, dawn), which may depend on the time of day when the counter-attack would begin. The side that decides to attack/counter-attack the earliest gains the initiative. If each side chooses the same type of attack, the initiative remains contested. The defender who has pushed the attacker off the last map has the option not to counter-attack but, instead, to remain in place to defend against the coming attack.



End Operation

When you have a choice to attack, but the time remaining for the current Operation would take you beyond the time limit, you have the option to End the Operation. The attacker can choose to end the Operation without continuing to attack.


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