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Close Combat: The Bloody First – Scenario Editor

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The Scenario Editor allows you to design your own Battle scenario in Close Combat: The Bloody First. Select Scenario Editor from the Main Screen and you will see a screen with two tabs on the right side. There are actually two screens involved in designing your scenario, the Situation Screen and the Forces Screen. To save a custom scenario, you must select a map, create at least one victory location, assign at least two setup squares for each side, and select the main unit for each side.



Situation Screen

The Situation Screen is divided into a map area and a settings area (along the left side of the screen). The scenario design process is as follows:



Battle Settings

Battle Settings is where you select a base map, the date and time of your battle, and the weather conditions. There is a drop-down menu to select a base map. You set the date and time for your battle. If the time is set between 1800 hours and 0600 hours, you will have a night battle. You can set the weather conditions.


Your choices are, clear, partly cloudy, cloudy, fog. The availability of some off-board support may depend on weather conditions.



Victory Locations

Once you have selected your map, you will need to set some Victory Locations. As you establish them on the base map, you need to name them and set their importance (primary, secondary, minor). The area below the Victory Locations is where you set whether your battle is a meeting engagement between the Allies and Germans, an Allied attack, or an Axis attack. You can create a briefing as well for your battle scenario. You also get to set whether the defending side gets to dig in if it is to be an attack on an established defensive position.



Map Area

There are a series of buttons along the top of the map area. You will use these to set the Allied (blue) and Axis (red) home direction, the area of the map under the control of the Allies and Axis, and where you want victory locations. The Allies will be on the left side of the map and the Axis will be on the right. Since the map is set up with squares, you set a side’s control of a square by clicking either the Allies or Axis button and clicking each square you want that side to control. Victory locations are set in a two-step process. First, click on the victory location button, then select a location on a map square to set the victory location. Once placed, go to the Victory Location area on the left of the screen and give your location a name and an important designation. Repeat this process for as many victory locations as you want. Now switch to the Force Screen.




Forces Screen

The Force Screen has unit listings for both the Allies and the Axis forces. Remember, you are an infantry company commander. Therefore, your Main Force selection will be infantry-based. You can also pick support units too. Off-board support can be designated for your battle scenario as well. Once you have completed your force selection and designed your map, you save your battle scenario by naming it. You may load it to play it or you can come back to play it at any time by finding it from the tabbed button on the Command Screen.



Save/Load Customer Scenarios

User Scenarios are any battle scenarios you have created with the Scenario Editor. They are stored in the Windows Documents folder under MyGames/ CloseCombatTheBloodyFirst/Scenarios. User Scenarios may be deleted using delete on the keyboard.


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