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Close Combat: The Bloody First – Soldier Awards

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Soldier Awards

Soldier Awards are extra bonuses that a soldier can earn by achieving certain feats in battle. Only your Main Force soldiers earn these awards. Only one award is granted to a soldier, and only one instance of each award is granted in your force at a time.



Combat Leader: Bonus to leadership and rallying is earned by rallying soldiers in battle.


Expert Marksman: Bonus for rifle accuracy and a scoped rifle is earned by kills with a rifle.


Expert Gunner: Bonus to heavy weapons accuracy and reliability is earned by kills with heavy weapons (heavy machine guns, infantry artillery, anti-aircraft artillery).


Scout: Bonus to stealth and spotting is earned by spotting enemies without being spotted.


Tank Buster: Bonus to anti-tank accuracy with an antitank weapon is earned by knocking out a tank as an infantryman.


Close Combat Expert: Bonus to melee attacks and SMG is by kills in close combat.


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